dates savers: launch team meetings… and launch

Just a quick post to get some dates in your diary! I met with Roy during the week to work on some plans for the next 12 months or so. We’re working towards Sunday 1st February as the day when unichurch farewells and commissions the launch team… and Sunday 8th February as our first public meeting southside!

We’re still a little way from that though. In the meantime it is important for those of us who constitute that team to be praying together and working towards the launch. To that end, I thought we’d allow a month after this week’s interest meeting for those considering partnering in that particular way to finalise their decision. Subsequent to that we’ll meet regularly on Saturdays in the same format as the interest meetings—an hour or so of business from 4pm then sharing a meal together. Here are the dates:

  • 30th August
  • 20th September
  • 11th October
  • 1st November
  • 15th November
  • 29th November
  • weekly meetings tba in January 2009
  • 31st January

We make our plans, the Lord will bring about what he purposes (James 4:13-17).


meeting time: convenient for whom?

Since love drives our relationships, our first concern in relation to meeting times can not be personal convenience. That said, there has got to be an element of self-aware realism. Committing to church at a time that will be squeezed out three out of four weeks by the circumstances of life is hardly a good option.

The missionary thought process is the one to pursue as we consider our big church and small church meetings. How can the meeting time we choose best serve the others in the group that God will gather? Families, city workers, shift workers, students… this is something in relation to which we need to bear with one another as we plan our larger gathering and as we work out options in terms of time and venue for small group gatherings.

Sunday mornings are looking likely for big church. As for small churches, we have huge flexibility as we become all things to all people that we might love one another and all.

interest meeting on 26th July 2008

We’re planning another interest meeting on Saturday 26th July. It will be great to hang out and enjoy another meal together. (Let me know if you’re coming by Wednesday 23rd July so that we can arrange who brings salad, bread and drinks. BYO meat for the barbie.)

The aim is to help those considering partnering in the venture get to the point of being able to decide whether they will be among the missionaries who constitute the launch team southside. We’ll move in that direction as we continue to clarify expectations and further discuss the shape our partnership might take (N.B. notes from the last interest meeting and other posts).

Please come if you’ve already decided to join the team or there is the vaguest of possibilities that you will.

4pm-dinner. RSVP wez -at-

a church by any other name

There are a number of ‘details’ that we need to lock in over the next month. Name is one, meeting time is another. The former is on the agenda because it would be helpful logistically to set up a bank account sooner rather than later. A firm meeting time will make it easier for those who are contemplating partnering in this venture to make the decision. I’ll post separately about the time.

so what name do we go for?

We could start straight into possibilities, but think first about who the name is for. It’s not really for regulars. In my mind I go to ‘church’ on Sunday in submission to Jesus and as an expression of love for those with whom I regularly gather. It doesn’t enter my mind that it’s ‘unichurch’. That is the right description of who I am committed to but I only describe our gathering in St Lucia as unichurch when I need to specify for the benefit of someone else. We need a name which communicates to outsiders—those who google us, those we invite, those who hear about us on the grapevine.

The advertisers’ categories for a good name are that it is descriptive, attractive and (where possible) true. It would be good to tick all three boxes! (I’ve leave it to you to work out our priorities.)

The working name which has developed is a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin name:

southside church.

It says clearly what will happen where.

We could add something to that description:

bible   brisbane   catalyst   christian   community   evangelical   family   fellowship    flock   gathering   gospel   grace   hope   independent   inner.south   love   missional   multicultural   multiplying   network   servant  shelter  student   transformation    uni    united    worker  

But less may be more.

Then again we could go plural. After all, from the beginning we will have big church and little churches (small groups) and will be working towards multiplying both: southside churches.

Or might we try to capture something of what we desire to be in a less obvious name?

I can’t believe it’s not unichurch! …maybe?

Any thoughts?

Please comment or email me.