meeting time: convenient for whom?

Since love drives our relationships, our first concern in relation to meeting times can not be personal convenience. That said, there has got to be an element of self-aware realism. Committing to church at a time that will be squeezed out three out of four weeks by the circumstances of life is hardly a good option.

The missionary thought process is the one to pursue as we consider our big church and small church meetings. How can the meeting time we choose best serve the others in the group that God will gather? Families, city workers, shift workers, students… this is something in relation to which we need to bear with one another as we plan our larger gathering and as we work out options in terms of time and venue for small group gatherings.

Sunday mornings are looking likely for big church. As for small churches, we have huge flexibility as we become all things to all people that we might love one another and all.


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  1. Steve Gibbins · August 4, 2008

    With a missionary thought process I think it would be worthwhile to investigate the possibility of a Saturday afternoon/early evening time slot. There would be people that just can’t make a Sunday church service, e.g. Working or playing sport on Sunday’s. There also may be people that a church that starts in the afternoon and ends before dark suits them. I don’t know of any church that currently caters for this group, or at least not in the Southside area.
    If the time of church is right, it wouldn’t affect other Saturday commitments, either during the day or at night, in fact,it would be an opportunity to invite friends that you’ve just spent or are about to spend time with to come to church either after or beforehand.
    A Saturday service may make church sufficiently different for people that are put off by a ‘religious’ organization.
    This time slot has been used on the Central Coast and Sydney (possibly in Brisbane in the past) with mixed results.
    As Wez mentioned, a time that suits its members is important to allow them to commit to church. I’d be interested in others thoughts on whether a Saturday afternoon/early evening time does or doesn’t suit them as well as any positives or negatives they can think of in general for this time slot.

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