launch team meeting 02: 20th September

Another launch team meeting is upon us. Please arrive so that we can start at 4pm. Those of us who aren’t going on to the MTS fundraiser or other commitments will get the barbecue going again. Please RSVP by Wednesday night (17th) and I’ll send out a few requests.


Thank you for praying about the venue (keep praying!). To this point the facilities at one of the local schools seem like the best option. They have some limitations and will require some lateral thinking but really they have a very good facility.

If you’ve had your eye on a possible venue, now is the time to ask if it is available. (Ideally we will have the use of three spaces: church, kidschurch and crèche.) Please let me know asap if you are aware of options.


The unichurch board has agreed a budget for southside expenditure. I have been asked to recommend members of a small administration committee who will manage the affairs of the plant within that budget. Following the October unichurch board meeting, a bank account will be established. Name If you have any further thoughts regarding the name, please email me or raise them on Saturday.


The consensus seems to be that late Saturday afternoon wouldn’t be the best time for us or our friends… which would bring us back to Sunday morning for our public meeting.

I’m glad we had the conversation though, if we are to reach the city, we need to continually reassess our corporate, private and social life in terms of how best we can contribute to God’s mission of saving, keeping, maturing, equipping and deploying his people.


At the first launch team meeting we focused on the umbrella approach of keeping things simple; viewing church and small groups as a package; having mission as a major factor right from the first stages of planning gatherings; and doing life together with gospel intentionality.

On Saturday I’d like us to pick up those same themes in relation to kidschurch and youth.


Just so you know… southside will continue to be a congregation of unichurch until such time as we incorporate. It is as members of unichurch that we will be issued with Blue Cards (required for work with children). If you don’t have a Blue Card, please speak to Jonathon or me about training and the application process. It will be really helpful when it comes to helping with crèche, kidschurch and youth if we are all in a position to fill in as necessary.

Ministry Teams

Not on the agenda for Saturday but helpful to talk about informally would be various ways we each might serve in our common life.


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