the shape of southside powerpoint

I’ve been playing with representing the shape of church we’ve been talking about in this powerpoint. Let me know what you think.


launch team meetings 02 and 03

The next launch team meeting is on Saturday 11th October, 4pm to dinner. Let me know if you’re planning to come.

The last meeting on 20th September was a good opportunity to continue to clarify the shape that our partnership will take. A few things have resolved over the last month or so:

  • name:: we’ll run with ‘southside church‘ and maybe try different tag lines such as ‘an independent evangelical church’. In any case, it’s a name we can work with and it will communicate with outsiders.
  • venue:: a verbal agreement is in place and, God willing, we’ll sign a rental agreement in coming weeks.
  • time:: Sundays at 9:30am (launch 8th February).
  • bible study groups:: the pattern will be one of following the sermon series

To discuss this Saturday:

  • kidschurch:: we haven’t yet pursued a conversation about how we will structure things, though a few things were said at an earlier meeting:

    There will be some kids around the place and our desire as a church will be to help their parents pastor them. That will have a range of implications.

    One aspect is that we want parents to be great theologians and great examples of godliness for their children–both of which are the products of the Spirit’s work as the Scriptures are read and taught and discussed and applied.

    A secondary element of our caring for kids in our congregation will most likely be providing church designed for kids during part or all of our main meeting. (To facilitate the parent-child pastoring, I’m keen for us to work at coordinating the kids’ teaching material with the preaching program.)…

    Integral to pastoring our kids will be helping them grow as ministers and missionaries:

    * as we meet, in their attitude of welcome and consideration of new children and speaking the truth in love to one another.
    * among their peers in school and social settings.

    I outlined some thoughts regarding what our kidschurch time may look like at the last meeting–essentially a duplication of the package for a different age group. Kids could have some corporate time with songs, games, memory verse, Bible teaching (talk/puppet/drama/?) and then split up into smaller groups for craft, games etc as a context for clarifying, reinforcing and applying what has been taught.

  • youth:: from a threshold of 10 or so, younger people might stay in the pubic meeting. A forum for youth gathering with one another and some young adults to discuss, understand and apply what is preached publicly to their particular context will be helpful. Again, this is an echo of the wider paradigm and would also need to include the element of doing life together with gospel intentionality.
  • serving:: there are a whole realm of possibilities in terms of service, it will be helpful to hear how you feel you may be able to serve in the formal and informal aspects of our partnership. If you can’t make it, please do email me some thoughts.

Do keep praying to our sovereign and merciful God.