launch team 05 at Dutton Park State School

We met this afternoon at Dutton Park State School! (Google map here.)

Quite a few people were away or busy but there was still a good number of us. I’m excited about how keen everyone is to serve.

It was helpful to begin to get a feel for what it will be like to function in the school. It’s great to have the keys and a home for our public gatherings next year!

Now on with the logistics…


launch social and launch team meeting 05

It was fun to hang out with a good number of the launch team at Orleigh Park this arvo! I think it’s something we could do fairly regularly on Saturdays or after church on Sundays.

God willing, we’ll next meet at the venue we will be using next year at 4pm on Saturday 29th November–progress from our lounge room! Hopefully it’s already in your diary. Please do highlight it and plan to be there. ;)

launch team meeting 04

The meeting on Saturday was a good opportunity to spend some time together discussing, praying and eating.

For those who missed it, the formal meeting ran as follows:

First, we had a look at James 5:19-20:

My brothers, if anyone among you wanders from the truth and someone brings him back, let him know that whoever brings back a sinner from his wandering will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins. (ESV)

Having spent the last month or so looking at James in unichurch we’re all very aware of the tendency of our hearts to wander from the truth. We need the word of correction and the mercy-framed call to humbly trust God as he addresses us in the Scriptures. But the letter is not just a word to call each one of us individually back to the truth. We have the opportunity and privilege and responsibility to love our brothers and sisters by speaking to one another the word by which God saves, forgives and keeps his people.

Secondly, we revisited the shape of the ministry that we’ve been discussing over the last few months.

(This is the same powerpoint that appears in the previous post.)

Thirdly, we split into groups which reflect networks of people who could form community group Bible studies with the goal of building one another up in Christ and partnering with one another in reaching particular networks. Groups formed around life stage at the meeting: students, new grads, workers and young couples, and families.

Groups needn’t be defined narrowly and some may wind up being determined in geographical terms rather than those of age and stage. There are certainly some advantages to spanning generations, not least the opportunities to learn from the wisdom of years. As we work it out the key thing is to factor in convenience and accessibility for friends who may make their way into the group.

Discussion included the opportunities and difficulties of meeting together and some thoughts on how being on mission will shape the process of forming a group and being a group.

Fourthly, we prayed to the God on whom we depend and whose work it is.

Finally, we discussed some of the opportunities to serve. Thanks to those who have completed the serving opportunity surveys. At this stage the key need is to identify people who can oversee particular areas of ministy. Keep the surveys and any additional thoughts you’ve had rolling in.