financial partnership

I’m working on a clear description of our financial situation as it has been agreed by the unichurch board and southside admin committee. Here’s a draft of basic info regarding financial partnership southside.

A bank account has been set up through which to manage our income and expenditure. Beginning now, equipment will be purchased and other outgoings met from this account which has been openedĀ using funds allocated by the planting church. God willing, on an ongoing basis, those expenses will be met by the combination of

  • giving by regulars,
  • allocations from unichurch queensland (the planting church in St Lucia) on a declining scale, and
  • giving by friends outside the congregation.

If you are part of the launch team, please continue to give regularly to unichurch through the usual channels until around the launch date. At which stage, if you give by direct deposit, could you please begin to do so into the southside account?

Rather than each of us dreaming up anonymous descriptions, it will assist our treasurer if you tag your deposit as below. This tag would go in the area your bank provides to allow your deposit to be identified by the recipient when paying a bill.

For regulars in the congregation:

Frequency of giving Tag to use when depositing
Weekly RegularW
Fortnightly RegularFN
Monthly RegularM
Once (e.g. following tax return) RegularO

For friends from elsewhere who would like to partner in the ministry, please use the tag ‘Friend’ when you make your deposit.

The account details are:

Account name: Unichurch Qld Inc Southside Account
BSB: 484 799
Account number: 052 808 544
Bank: Suncorp


mission partnership

We’re beginning as church southside because we long to see our loving Father rescue men, women and children as they hear the gospel of his Son. We long to see it southside. We long and pray that the same Spirit will be at work around the world saving, keeping, maturing, equipping and deploying his people.

As part of our global focus, we have formed a formal partnership with Rachel who, God willing, will be going overseas with CMS in the middle of 2009. There will be opportunities to get to know her better as she spends time with us as one of her link churches. There are some tips on how best to care for link missionaries on the CMS web site.

May our great God continue to display his character as the almighty Lord who delights to show mercy as he builds the church who will gather on the last day from every nation and tribe and people and language.

the shape of leadership

It’s been mentioned along the way but I thought it would be good to post here also. At this stage the basic leadership team is as follows:

Pastor/elder: Wez C

Elder: Jin K

Admin committee: Wez C, Jin K, Robert A, Olli M

We continue in close relationship and fellowship and under the oversight of Roy and the team at unichurch.