a church by any other name II

In January we decided to begin our life with the temporary name unichurch southside. As the word ‘temporary’ implies, we planned at that time to come to a permanent name. We have done this with both our own identity and communication with those outside the congregation in mind.

The critical thing is not the name, rather it is who we are as individuals and as a congregation:

  • we’re keen to be a people who know ourselves to be sojourners and exiles. We live now, we put roots down, we enjoy relationships with one another and around the city… Yet we know we will ‘move on’. We have a lasting home in heaven which we will one day go to.
  • we do that because we are Bible people. We know and love and trust and proclaim the Lord Jesus who we meet in the Scriptures.

It is with these things in mind that we came to a name which seems to fit. A name which will remind us of who we long to be. A name which helps us communicate with those around us–who we are, who we trust and what we trust him for.

sojourn bible church



First link missionary partnership

It is exciting that we have been able to partner with Rachel as she works towards going to Eurasia with the Church Missionary Society later in the year. We will have opportunity to hear from her both during church and then over lunch on Sunday 22nd February.

thank God for a great first meeting southside

It’s been an exciting day!

We had a great morning, the fruit of many people’s work in response to the initiative and ongoing work of God in each of us.

The media page has been updated with details for the current sermon series and a link to an mp3 of today’s sermon.

Excited and thankful to our great and merciful Father ,